FRIEDRICH Unbalance Exciters

The FRIEDRICH Unbalance Exciter serves to drive vibratory conveyors, screens and other vibration systems with very high load and/or very high flow rates. Unbalance Exciters generate a linear oscillating motion. The forced synchronization of the weights are not transverse vibrations generated when switching on and off the machine.


FRIEDRICH Unbalance Exciters

F - Type 50 Hz


General specifications


Allowable Operating ambient temperature:
An ambient temperature of -40°C to +50°C and an operating temperature of 80°C must not be exceeded. Depending on the ambient temperature, a transmission oil is used with the required viscosity. Please consult FRIEDRICH for other operating temperatures.

Drive Motor Selection:
The drive motor can be all standard AC motors with 50Hz. The tightening torque must be in the range of 0-300rpm 2.5-fold amount of nominal value. When pairing two or more Unbalance Exciters on link propeller shafts, the drive motor chosen must be correspondingly larger.

Type Code:
The first two letters are an abbreviation for Unbalance Exciter. The following figures give a hundredth of the maximum working torque in kgcm (Working Moment = 2 x static moment). This is followed by a hyphen and the maximum permissible speed of the drive motor which is indicated by the pole number.

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